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Where does it all happen?


6202 48 Street Lloydminster



 Can happen in the comfort, confidentiality & privacy of my Home Gym - fully equiped and ready to help you reach your goals 


In the Gym where we have all the tools of the trade to help you develop beyond what my little gym can do! 


Tuesday/Thursday BOOTCAMP

Circuit Style Bootcamp - 

Mixing it up with a little weight lifting, HIIT Intervals, Kickboxing/MMA Style Workout!

New Programming/Progressive Programming EVERY Week

Sign up for full 6 weeks required to get the full package!

Nutrition Guidance *optional

2 Workouts a week

Weekly checkins *option

Progression Coaching *optional



**NOTE:  Registration is a TWO STEP process!! Register for your chosen class and an Invoice will be sent after registration is complete

Payment by Credit Card or Etransfer 

Tuesday/Thursday 12pm BOOTCAMP

Same Description as Above

2 spots left! 

NEW!!! BY POPULAR DEMAND! 6 AM Class - Tuesday/Thursday

Schedule change! 

apparently 5:30 am is too early?
2 spots left! 

Personal Training


In House - Or In the Gym

Monthly to 3 Month Membership Options

All Training Packages Include the Following:

~2 - 3 Sessions/week   

- 30 minutes to an hour  

This depends on the reason for acquiring a trainer - some clients NEED the full hour, some only require 30 minutes - we are able to identify your needs within our initial consultation. 

~One On One Coach Call at the beginning of each month to discuss & Set Goals Individualized for you!

~Weekly Nutrition Guidance 

~ Extra Programs to use in the Gym/At Home/On Vacation

~Continuous Life Coaching to work through what's holding you back from reaching YOUR goals - Health and Otherwise!

~Q & A Access - In respect of working hours & necessity to access

All Investment  values  are  subject to Options Chosen

Please contact for Information & Customization of Your Package! 

ONLINE Training

Does it work? 


We connect through Video Call on Zoom - where you get the workout & accountability you're looking for, while I get to help you fix any errors in form and make sure you're getting it done in a consistent, heart raising pace! 

Testimony of Online Training


Breanne - Work at home/Work out of the home Mom of 2 & Hubby works away!

"I really can’t say enough about how this online training has totally changed my life!!!
I will be honest, I can be the master of excuses, especially when it comes to working out.i made a decision that I needed to do something about my physical health and I took the time to identify ways that I could stay motivated and be held accountable. The truth is, that paying someone to hold me accountable has made a huge difference. Now the first couple months I was in my trainers home gym, twice a week. But as school started back up and my work got busy, it has been harder and harder to get into Lloyd to do it. Bing bing bing - enter the online training.
Now, whether it is the weather, or sick kids, or just needing to shower in my own bathroom, I can still get my workout in without making an excuse.
I love the flexibility that the online personal trainer allows for me, and I love that my kids get to see me making that commitment! It is so great that I can tell them I have a session with Terra Dawn and they know they need to keep themselves busy for a half hour! They may come cheer me on or need me to peel a banana! And that is great, because I can still do what I need to do!
Seriously gonna feel those butterfly presses in the morning!"

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10:30 am Ladies Who Lift - Next Session starts October 15!


Tuesday & Thursday  10:30-11:30 am 

This is for the BEGINNER to Moderate Beginner (have lifted before but you wanna know more!)  Lifter!

Ever had a desire to learn how to lift? 

Scared to Lift, because you don't want to get "Bulky" 

(total myth - that won't happen)

 OR you don't want to get hurt -


We work on learning to lift SAFELY and with Progression!  

You won't be on the squat rack the first session if you're not ready! 

6 Week Program - Complete Registration Required 

No Drop Ins Allowed - I take lifting very seriously, for your safety! 

3 Participant Limit

Message me to reserve your spot for October! 


Message me to get on the list so you can reserve your spot!  


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Hardcore Bootcamp Classes are held at - Viking Str

6202 48 Street, Lloydminster, Alberta T9V 2G1, Canada

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